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Oct. 28, 2021

Ep 30: The Evolution Of Fitness For Longevity with Conor Millstein

Ep 30: The Evolution Of Fitness For Longevity with Conor Millstein

Welcome to Fresh Steeps, uncovering the health benefits of tea for your active life. Today Vince hosted Conor Millstein founder of Inside Out Movement Systems.

We all know the benefits of movement and the importance of fitness. We want to do what we love without pain or restriction. 

IsO Movement Systems envisions a new definition of sustainable health and wellness, one that doesn't conform to the standard fitness model but instead insists on constantly raising the bar.

They prioritize competition, play, and improvisation. They believe in strength over size, dynamic over static, action over reaction, and information over ignorance.

Conor & Vince dig deep into what exactly this all means for your life while also tapping into the power of tea & herbs to help expand our existence.

Check out Conor's work at isomovementsystems.com or at the social media links below!

IsO Movement Systems Instagram

Conor's Instagram


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